What happens when your nieces come to visit for a week and they learn that you have a green screen? You end up making a Star Wars fan film! Star Wars: A Slightly Used Hope, created with a mix of 2D still images and live footage, gently pokes fun at Star Wars clichés while featuring everything that made Star Wars so great (i.e. special effects!)

What started out as a fun “quick” project turned into quite a production. We spent a day writing the script and another day shooting on the green screen. After that it was more than 60 hours of post production work for a 4:30 film. The most challenging part was making the flat 2D images look like they belonged in the scenes. Relying on Adobe After Effects CC, 3D animation space, and creative angles, we were still able to create some believable scenes.

Shot on a Canon XF300, edited on Premiere Pro CC, animation and effects were completed on Adobe After Effects CC. Sound was processed using Adobe Audition.

The best part: our nieces were thrilled to be in a Star Wars film :)