**UPDATE: See the finished film here***

A little over a month ago, we went out and shot a short micro doc about a group of Civil War Reenactors headed by former US Marine, Kenneth J. Serfass. Not only does Kenneth and his group play a part in the battles, but they also perform as an 1860’s Marine Band! We are now editing the footage and should have it completed in the next week or so. Until then, here are some of the still shots from the shoot. Enjoy!

– Jacob A Tapia

Confederate soldiers.

The Confederate soldiers cross the field to battle the Union army.

Soldiers fire guns during a reenactment.

Soldiers fire their guns on the battlefield during the reenactment.

USS Wabash reenactor

One of Ken’s fellow USS Wabash reenactors.

Union Army reenactors.

The Union Army reenactors coming to prep the canons.

Civil War canon

One of the canons pre reenactment.

Civil War canon being fired

A canon mid fire at the reenactment.

Kenneth J. Serfass playing with the 1860's brass band

Kenneth J. Serfass playing with the 1860’s brass band