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Our documentary Citizens* has entered post production (the editing phase) after four long years of development – production. Most of that time we were searching out the amazing people who agreed to tell their stories in the film. We can’t say thank you enough for their comments and willingness to share their personal experiences which benefited all involved.

We have a target completion date of early 2014 for Citizens*. We expect the completed film’s run time at 55-70 minutes, but that may change as we delve deeper into the story and editing.

Why the Asterisk?

On a quick note, we recently received a question about the asterisk on the title Citizens*, specifically, why is it there? The asterisk refers to the legal state of those who live in the USA and appear in the film. In many ways, they behave like citizens;  they pay taxes, they work, their children go to school – all the things typical US citizens do. Yet they are not citizens. So the asterisk implies that there is more to story, much more in fact.

– Jacob A Tapia

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CEO of Handrawn Pictures, LLC and a Director and Cinematographer located in San Diego, CA.


  1. Ann Knight

    The people and the trials of this film are arguments that aren’t black, white or gray – it’s a human issue. Thank you for putting forth the film. I look forward to everyone’s perspective.

    • JTapia Author

      Thank you Ann for the comment :)

      We agree completely and that is the goal of this film, to get people talking and recognize the human issue that immigration is and the impact is has for those on both sides on the argument.

  2. winterrose Herrera

    Can’t wait to see it! I know how long and hard you’ve been working on this. I know it’ll be great! :-)

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