the camera was inches away from much of the action

Minas cutting pulled sugar as the camera is inches away from the action

**UPDATE** Watch the finished film here »

This past weekend we went and shot a short micro doc about a candy maker Minas Zuniga (Coastal Confectionery). There were some fun challenges with this shoot, and one of them was limited space. Fortunately for candy shots it bodes well to have a tight, shallow depth of field which eliminates the need for wide shots that showcase the background.

One of the other challenges was getting creative cinematic shots in a fraction of a second! The pulled sugar (and gummy hearts) both go through a rapid change when transferred from pot to mold or mat. Thus Minas worked the candy products fiercely and kept us on our toes.

making good use of the slider dolly

making good use of the slider dolly

waiting on location

waiting for sugar to boil

The entire shoot took roughly 5 hours to complete, and most of that time we waited patiently and captured b-roll. The finished video will run about 2-3 minutes and will be completed in the next few weeks.

– Jacob A Tapia